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Book features lessons from fathers, including your own


Over the past few years, publishers have started offering consumers various ways to create and buy customized tomes, from quality photo books to personalized children’s books. Adding a twist to that model is Brazilian 24×7, best known for its book vending machines in the subways of Rio and Sao Paulo. 24×7 took an existing book and lets readers create a personalized copy. Aprendi com meu pai, or Learned from my Father, features lessons that 54 famous people learned from their fathers. Now, people can order a copy that features a lesson they learned from their own dad. Their story is added to the existing chapters, and their name is printed on the cover, as a co-author of the book. Needless to say, the concept is ideally positioned for birthday and Father’s Day gifts, and creates ample opportunity for related editions — Lessons from my Mother, Lessons from my Teacher, etc. If you’re in publishing (or want to be), this one’s for you 😉 Spotted by: Denise Kuperman



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