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Aqua farm sells food and skincare products made from seaweed


Marine biotech startup offers range of products made from seaweed biomass to promote sustainable food production.

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The healing properties of seaweed have long been recognised by scientists and indigenous cultures. According to Global Market Insights, the commercial seaweed industry is forecasted to reach USD 87 billion by 2024. These findings show the diverse applications of compounds sourced from seaweed biomass beyond food – from injectable bandages to edible straws and industrial gels.

Venus Shell Systems is a marine biotechnology company that sequesters clean carbon dioxide to grow seaweed biomass in the Shoalhaven region, Australia. The seaweed is farmed in land-based ponds using a combination of wastewater from a nearby wheat-processing plant, and water from the Shoalhaven River estuary. This gives their seaweed a unique profile of trace elements which can be tailored to customer needs. It contains up to 35 percent more protein, increased antioxidant activity, marine omega-3 oils, natural pigments and minerals.

The company’s new PhycoPRO line of seaweed products have food, digestive and skincare uses. PhycoFood focuses on innovative food concepts such as seaweed pasta, protein bars and falafels. PhycoDigest utilises the prebiotic aspect of seaweed in dietary supplements that improve gut and metabolic health. PhycoDerm employs seaweed gels for long-term and preventative skin health, as well as wound healing and cancer treatment. As the applications of seaweed continue to expand, as does global interest in these products.

Venus Shell Systems is committed to the recycling of nutrients, and the development of marine food production systems that are sustainably integrated with the environment.




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