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AccuVein vein visualisation with AR

AR medical tool helps locate veins for starting IVs

Health & Wellbeing

An assistive handheld AR device can detect where patient veins are using an infrared laser and then projects this image back onto the patient's skin.

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AR (Augmented Reality) is being used in a wide variety of industries, from live sports events to beer labels. Medical professionals have now also started to benefit from the technology.

Starting an IV can be tricky. Veins are hard to locate, and making multiple injection attempts can cause patients physical and emotional pain. AccuVein is a vein visualization device. It makes veins visual to healthcare professionals to increase first-attempt accuracy.

The device first emits an invisible infrared laser onto the patient’s skin. This beam is absorbed by the blood flowing through the veins, producing dark areas that show where the veins are. A visible red light then projects this image onto the users skin.

The device can be used for a range of procedures that involve vein assessment or vein avoidance, such as blood drawing and cosmetic procedures. The device is also lightweight and portable, making it easy for professionals to carry around. AccuVein can be slotted into a flexible stand enabling users to operate the device hands free.

This assistive technology improves first-attempt accuracy by up to 98 percent. It removes many of the barriers to successful IV setting — veins are harder to locate when patients are dehydrated or have darker skin tones. AccuVein therefore also reduces costs in time saved, wasted equipment and the need for assistance. Additionally, it also improves patient experience.




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