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Drinking water | Photo source Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Architect finds a way to turn air into drinking water


A new water condensation system could provide drinking water entirely though renewable energy sources.

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Springwise have covered various innovations designed to promote social good, from helping the homeless find housing to reducing plastic waste. Such initiatives seek to reduce problems that affect at-risk groups. A growing problem in today’s world is access to clean water, even in developed countries where water sources often contain high numbers of micro-plastics. This innovative new system could be a solution to future water shortages.

Led by architect David Hertz, a partnership from the US called the Skysource/Skywater Alliance has developed a system to harvest drinking water from the air. WEDEW combines hot and cold air to create condensation. This method can generate 2000 litres of drinking water a day. The water is then stored in shipping containers for easy transportation.

WEDEW, which stands for wood-to-energy deployed emergency water, not only uses 100 percent renewable energy but is also carbon negative. This means that it actually creates more energy than it uses. This excess energy could be invested back into the local community using the system. The designers also say it can work in any climate.

The successful and environmentally-friendly system design won the team the Water Abundance XPRIZE. This organisation sought to find a replacement for the carbon-costly water production systems currently in action. Hertz and his team may well have found the perfect solution.



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