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AromaPods from New Zealand ensure that you can get your aromatherapy fix wherever you are. Just twist and sniff!

Mood swings. Anxieties. Anger. Fatigue. No wonder aromatherapy has become such a massive success. However, until now, it was definitely something that was enjoyed (or should we say applied) in the confinements of consumers’ homes or in expensive spas. New Zealand ‘s AromaPod has come up with a mobile solution: twist and sniff inhalers in four functional ‘flavors’: Awake, Calm, Energize, and Focus. AromaPod was developed by senLab, which itself is part of the Healthcare Manufacturing Group. Dubbed ‘mood-management devices’, the AromaPods are being distributed via large New Zealand retailers, supermarkets and BP gas stations. They sell for NZD 9.95 (USD 6.95 / EUR 5.25) per pod, and last for about a month if used regularly. And no, they don’t contain calories, caffeine, alcohol or other fun stimulants.


This being something we’ve not spotted outside New Zealand yet, AromaPods make us want to jump on a plane to down under and see if we can secure the rights for Europe. Or for South America. Or for North America. But we’re too busy, so we’ll have to leave that to you.


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