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Artificial intelligence learns to block spam messages and comments

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Smart Moderation uses artificial intelligence to block spam messages and comments on social media.

Moderating social media feeds or online comments is important for marketers and entrepreneurs, but looking after a business’s social media accounts can be incredibly time consuming. Now Smart Moderation is bringing intelligent automated moderation to Facebook and Instagram profiles.

The program uses an AI software that understands natural language. It processes the meaning of sentences, rather than just flags for keywords, and removes trolling or abusive comments accordingly. The company says the software learns and reviews like a human. The dashboard lets users view all comments from different social pages, and can be set to automatically hide inappropriate comments. Users have the option to receive daily reports of spam comments, and can also switch to manual moderation. The platform performs more traditional spam-blocking tasks too, such as clearing adverts.

We have seen artificial intelligence being used to turn spreadsheets into written reports and clean up inboxes. How else can smart online programs streamline the process of managing businesses’ digital profiles?



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