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Artificial intelligence sends important reminders via SMS

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Wonderbot is a new bot that stores information for its users and reminds them via text.

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New bots are constantly being launched and we have covered a fair few, from this chatbot chef which plans meals for users via emoji, to a messenger bot that helps out in emergency situations. New innovation, Wonder, is designed to help users store and recall the information they need from their gym locker password, their insurance provider, right through to the type of ink cartridges their printer uses.

Customers first enter their phone number on Wonder’s website. They then text Wonder the information they want to remember at a later date. The app stores that information, and when the customer is trying to recall the details, they can ask Wonder directly via text message: “When’s the next company meeting?” and the bot will get back with an answer.

According to Co-founder Shivkanth Bagavathy, inspiration for the app came after reading an article making the case that reminders are Siri’s best feature. The co-founders thought that there was room for a service that could also remember information for its users. “It occurred to us that note-taking was not the solution, because it’s just not the right interface. Search becomes cumbersome after a point,” explains Bagavathy.

The SMS bot currently works in the US and Europe, however the Messenger version will be global. The service is free to use. Are there ways this service could be used in other areas?



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