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Milk delivery

Artisan nut milk delivery service comes to London


UK startup takes on the traditional door-to-door milk delivery service and responds to a growing demand for milk alternatives.

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A milkman delivering his namesake goods to front doors was the traditional way to get your breakfast cereal essential, but in recent years the demand for milk alternatives has seen a sharp rise. Once the staple of many fridges milk is now being replaced by nut-based alternatives, and British startup company Mylkman is tapping into this with its ‘nut mylk’ delivery service.

Mylkman produces and delivers a range of 100 percent natural, artisanal nut mylks straight to people’s homes and offices in reusable glass bottles. The London-based business is proudly plastic free, with its goods being free of added sugar. Its range of dairy-free mylks contains a minimum of 12 percent nuts – its offerings including pistachio and sweet chai, turmeric, and cashew – and all are unpasteurised and free from chemical and preservatives, staying fresh for up to five days. Mylkman also donates 10 percent of its profits to Greenpeace.

The service is currently available in selected London Boroughs, with deliveries, which must be for at least three bottles, taking places on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. People are becoming increasingly eager to fit their retail needs in with their lifestyle, so deliveries need to flexible. When it comes to clothing, one fashion subscription service sends much-needed basics to your door, while a Mumbai startup has a similar idea to Mylkman by digitizing milk delivery services. How could your business utilise innovation delivery services to streamline time running errands?

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