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Every Day Calendar

Artwork helps users keep track of goals

An artist has created a calendar that helps users keep track of their goals and accomplishments.

Artist Simone Giertz is well-known for her creation of extremely impractical robots. Millions of YouTube subscribers tune in to see her hilariously useless inventions, like a hair-cutting drone and an alarm clock that slaps her in the face. Now, Giertz has created an electronic device that is designed to actually work.

Giertz’s Every Day Calendar is a piece of art designed to help users keep track of their accomplishments. Users trying to stick to a commitment tap a touchpad for each day that they meet their goal. The touchpad lights up to record the success. Giertz built a prototype of the calendar when she was trying to stick to a daily regimen of yoga and meditation and found that checklists and apps were not working.

Giertz realised the importance of sticking to her regimen after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. “On my bad days, sitting down and meditating was the last thing I wanted to do. But I’d see the Every Day Calendar on the wall and I’d see all the days that I had done beforehand and all the work I’d put into it. And I’d think, ‘Okay, it’s just another 10 minutes. I can do that today.’” Giertz has open-sourced the schematics for the calendar, and put a USB programming port on the back. The project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, where it has already exceeded its funding target.




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