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Woodcut Maps is transforming imagery from the global location service into woodcuts to hang in the office or home.

We’ve already seen a combination of physical art and the digital world being explored by Germany’s Kunstmatrix, an online 3D gallery space for displaying works. Now, Woodcut Maps is transforming Google Maps imagery into woodcuts to hang in the office or home. Customers first type in the location they would like to be depicted in their woodcut – whether it is a place dear to them or simply the area surrounding the spot where it will be hung. Users are then shown the Google Maps version of the location with a viewfinder laid over the top. The size and shape of the viewfinder can be changed by choosing the dimensions of the woodcut they would like made and by zooming in or out of the map. The site then renders the information into a geometric woodcut design created with three different types of wood. Woodcut Maps uses a range of exotic woods and customers can customize their item by selecting their desired border width, choosing how much detail is shown and opting for uneven edges. Prices range from USD 165 to around USD450, depending on the design, although the company also accepts bespoke requests such as coaster sets, table tops or wall murals. Using Google Maps as the basis for its artworks enables people around the world to purchase a decorative item which feels personal, and Woodcut Maps also ships internationally, catering to customers globally. How else could online information be used for decorative purposes in the physical world? Spotted by: Zachary Love



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