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Supermarket creates dating site based on users’ shopping habits

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We’ve seen countless dating sites appear over the last few years, pairing potential partners based on anything from their literary tastes to their DNA. But a new dating service from UK supermarket ASDA is currently pairing singles based on their shopping habits. According to an ASDA survey of 10,000 shoppers in their stores, 71 percent of men felt a supermarket was a better place to find a date than a pub or a bar. Inspired by the findings, the supermarket has paired with dating site to create ASDA Dating, which matches singles based on their food preferences. Users of the site can fill out questionnaires on their favorite foods and then view other singles who answered similarly. The site also enables users to set up profiles — listing their location, adding personal and physical information, uploading photos and filling out diary posts. With their profiles established, users can then answer questionnaires on a myriad of topics from The Beatles to Greek Gods, rate other users’ photos, and ultimately get in touch with other members. The service also provides its own “Agony Aunt Lynn”, where lonely hearts can offload their troubles and receive advice. ASDA dating is another example of the mass mingling trend, where the online world is fueling a wealth of ‘real world’ meet-ups. And if these can breathe a bit of life into compulsory chores such as grocery shopping or commuting, so much the better! Update: Much to our disappointment, it emerges that ASDA Dating was set up as a Valentine’s day project, and the site is now closed. Users with ASDA accounts have been transferred to the main site, leaving this (super)market wide open for matchmaking entrepreneurs!



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