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At Amsterdam hotel, rooms are 'dressed' like fashion models

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Hotel the Exchange's rooms are all “dressed” like fashion models by graduates and alumni of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

We’ve already seen hotel rooms that recreate the experience of camping, rooms that can be customized and rooms offering immersive branded experiences. Next up? Amsterdam’s Hotel the Exchange, in which rooms are all “dressed” like fashion models. Sixty-one rooms in three historic buildings make up the Hotel the Exchange, and each has been designed and “dressed” by graduates and alumni of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Custom fabrics cover the otherwise blank walls and furniture to create a unique look in every space, including a lavish Marie Antoinette-style room with a huge dress draped over the walls and bed, as well as a room based on the tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes, “where nothing is what it seems,” in the hotel’s own words. For guests who get inspired by the designs and fabrics on display, sewing machines are available for use in the hotel. Room rates begin at EUR 75 per night. Hotel the Exchange is part of an urban-renewal project focused on Amsterdam’s Damrak district. Hoteliers around the globe: one for inspiration! Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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