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Attachment gives push bikes electric power

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The UK's Rubbee is a portable device that can be attached in under a minute to give regular push bikes electric power.

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The Ridekick has already provided one way for cyclists to give their bike electric power, and now the UK’s Rubbee provides a more portable solution that can be attached in under a minute.

The device takes the form of a small box that can be clipped onto the saddle post of any bicycle. The box includes batteries that drive a rubber wheel resting on top of the bike’s back wheel. Connected to a handlebar-mounted throttle that gives users control of the drive, the Rubbee propels the back wheel forward when the rider wants it to. According to its creators, the device has an energy transfer efficiency of 96 percent and can enable cyclists to reach speeds of 25 kilometers per hour. The video below offers a demonstration of the Rubbee:

The Rubbee allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of an electric bike without having to invest in a new machine, making commutes and hills easier to handle. The team recently reached its funding target on Kickstarter, where backers could purchase the device GBP 699. Are there other additions to push bikes that could give riders greater incentive to cycle?

Spotted by: Murray Orange



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