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AR platform lets users see content in the real world

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Aireal is an augmented reality platform that uses geometric positioning to place 2D, 3D and interactive content in the 'real world'.

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A new augmented reality platform is enabling users to see video and interactive content super-imposed over the real world. Called Aireal, it enables people to design, explore and experience content in a totally new way.

The augmented reality system allows digital content to be placed within blocks based on real world longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates. This is different to other such systems, which rely on maker-based recognition. Aireal’s 3D system creates the perception that digital content exists alongside what we can see. Users can view 2D, 3D, video or interactive content through the lens of a smartphone or tablet, imposed onto the real world environment.

One of their first new programs for the device is SOLAR, an augmented reality experience that enables users to explore the solar system within their existing environment. Users can tap on individual planets to receive detailed information.

While SOLAR shows Aireal’s educational potential, the platform could also be used for AR advertising, with the Aireal team capturing 70 different metrics to measure human engagement and returns, to provide added knowledge on the effectiveness of a piece of content.

What types of content can take advantage of this functionality?



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