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In Australia, flat-packed DIY boats

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The Balmain Boat Company creates flat-packed DIY boats for quick and easy construction.

A revival of traditional crafts and skills has prompted a flurry of recent innovations, from cheese-making kits to tools for designing and building houses. Now in Australia, The Balmain Boat Company creates flat-packed DIY boats, providing all the materials needed to build a wooden row boat quickly and easily. The Balmain Boat Company was founded by digital strategist Nicole Still and industrial designer Andrew Simpson, with a mission “to make parents and grandparents look like legends” by facilitating the simple build of a 7’8’’ row boat. In their own words, “if you can hammer a nail and ice a cake, then you can build a Balmain Boat”. The classic boat costs AUD 1,599, takes around 16 hours to build plus drying time, and can hold up to three adults. A Kid Classic Boat is also available either pre-assembled or ready-to-build, while the Sailboat kit costs AUD 2,490. All boats are manufactured in Australia using 100 percent sustainable wood sources and can be taken apart and rebuilt. While DIY kits are not a new concept, the market for DIY products is certainly not yet exhausted. One to inspire home-made enthusiasts!



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