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How Google practices the Circular Economy

Our friends over at the Disruptive Innovation Festival have recorded a fascinating session with Jim Miller, Google’s Vice President of Global Operations, to discuss what the circular economy really means, and how Google are participating.

Innovation Culture Bulletin: Be nice to failure

Not beating yourself up when failures and mistakes inevitably happen can have a powerful impact on the way you work.

Crowdsourcing app monitors public health in Rio

Guardioes de Saude — Guardians of Health — is an app that monitors the spread of any viruses in Rio, so athletes and attendees of the Olympics can stay informed.

Taxis with salvaged parts promote organ donation

CUCAIBA and UTMO’s organ donation campaign uses mismatched taxis to spread the importance of working parts — for a car as for a human body.

Jukebox for kids doesn’t need screens

Jooki is a music player for children that uses cute figurines, instead of screens, to play Spotify playlists, iTunes albums, audiobooks, and more.

Melbourne gets world first solar-powered ‘Tesla Town’

Glenvill’s new plans for suburb YarraBend is hailed as the most environmentally sustainable development in the country, with inbuilt EV charging, solar roofs, Tesla batteries, and more.

Wise Words with Meghan Carreau, founder of Tuckrbox

We talk to the founder of Tuckrbox, a nutrition-focused, farm-to-table meal delivery that lets children plan their own lunches through an app.

Crowdfunding campaign buys private beach for the public

In New Zealand, 40,000 public donations helped the government buy the NZD 2 million Awaroa Inlet, which will be turned into a national park.

Gamified trash disposal cleans up Dutch campus

Creative trashcans have been installed at Koning Willem I College to stop students from littering.