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Where Are They Now: GigRove

Springwise catches up with remote working platform, GigRove, and speaks with founder Marko Islamovich on the future for his company.

Top innovations to increase productivity in the workplace

The second instalment of our ‘Future of Work’ series considers ways to overcome the challenge of maintaining productivity in the modern workplace, ranging from innovative and customisable desks to AI monitoring systems.

Where Are They Now?: BeeLine Reader

We spoke to co-founder Nick Lum, who is on a mission to create significant impact in the area of of accessibility and working with many organizations, including Springwise, to support literacy and reading efficiency.

Where Are They Now?: Pavegen

We spoke to Laurence Kemball-Cook, founder of Pavegen whose expansion plans could see more cities using the electricity generating paving slab making energy more sustainable and accessible worldwide.

Smart hula hoop delivers a tech-driven workout

A Korean firm is set to bring hula hooping into the 21st century with a high-tech hoop that can deliver a much more varied and informed workout.

T-shirt uses cabbage to track pollution in the water

To raise awareness of climate change, a team in the UK has developed a t-shirt that changes colour depending on the acidity of the water around it.

3D food platform delivers bespoke popsicles

A revolutionary new California-based platform is using a simple 3D printing to make and deliver popsicles in any shape desired.

Smart cooking system could make master chefs of us all

For those who always forget to take the pan off the boil in time, the Hestan Cue system could revolutionise home cooking whilst training people to become better cooks.