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Parking tower stores bikes with robotic arms

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Eco Cycle's automated towers store and retrieve bicycles, offering space-saving solutions for parking.

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As cycling becomes a popular mode of transport in urbanizing metropolises, finding secure parking can be a headache. That’s why city planners are looking to carpark infrastructure for bike storage solutions — see this Netherlands system that lets cyclists know where to lock up. UK-based Eco Cycle has received licensing for parking towers originating from Japan, which are capable of storing up to 204 bikes.


Users can dock their bikes at the entrance, and a robotic arm will grab hold of the front wheel and deposit it in a designated space inside the tower. Bikes are stored securely with constant remote monitoring, and the retrieval takes only 13 seconds. The towers can be used by businesses to offer staff bike storage, or by public bodies for use in city centers. In Japan, users sign up via monthly subscriptions, and obtain a validation card to operate the towers.

Eco Cycle offers the option to build above or below ground, and a rapid completion time of two months. We have already seen car storage solutions using similar mechanisms. As the culture of cycling gains momentum in congested cities, what other motor vehicle perks can businesses offer cyclists?



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