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Driver distraction tool monitors pupil activity

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HARMAN eye-tracking software will determine the driver's mental load, and auto-adjust smart car features to do-not-disturb mode.

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As cars become smarter and more connected, maintaining driver awareness remains paramount to safety. HARMAN has developed a new driver monitoring system to ensure users don’t become too distracted.

A driver-facing camera features eye-tracking software that measures the dilatedness of users’ pupils. If driver is too tired, or too distracted by screens, audio or other smart car features, their pupils increase in dilation and activity, signaling a mental overload that may cause them to lose focus on the road. HARMAN plans integrate this system with other smart car functions by identifying the sources of distraction, then switching them to do-not-disturb modes or activating assistive driving features, keeping the driver safe with automated precautions.


HARMAN’s driver monitoring system was on display at the recent CES 2016. Could similar monitoring be used to increase focus in the workplace?



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