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Salewhale's virtual sales assistant algorithms process and analyze promising inbound customers interactions and can respond in natural language before passing on the client to a human assistant.


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Utilizing algorithms that can process and respond in natural language (think Siri) continues to be a source of innovative automation of a variety of processes. We’ve recently seen how consumers can be engaged by AI-powered sales assistants in-store, and now Singapore-based Saleswhale is taking automated customer engagement to another level.

Unlike currently available automated email response services, Saleswhale’s virtual assistants understand and respond in natural language, adding a personal touch intended to boost prolonged interactions, and uses the language processing capabilities to provide analysis and feedback for sales teams. While many businesses set up automated outreach emails, with Saleswhale businesses can set up virtual assistants that engage with all promising inbound responses, with the capability to set up convenient times to Skype based on the customer’s availability, send follow up emails until the customer replies, and only then pass on the customer to a human sales assistant (Saleswhale can be set up to assign clients in a round-robin manner to spread the workload across several human assistants fairly). This is all done while maintaining a conversational tone and, if a response proves too complicated for a virtual assistant to process, customers are automatically passed on to a human assistant (regarding this, users are able to report whenever this occurs with Saleswhale constantly working to improve the fidelity of the language processing algorithm). Following a free trial period, Saleswhale is available on a subscription service, with pricing beginning at a scalable USD 99 per month.

With diverse industries such as law and even wedding planning already making use of natural language processing, where else could we see the technology deployed?




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