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Award-winning startup turns fruit waste into natural cosmetics


Vegan-friendly lip balms uses organic fruit and plant ingredients derived from post-consumer waste.

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Sustainability has become an important issue for companies in recent years, with many adopting greener methods as part of their business plan. Recent examples include a Japanese airline that is working with environmentalists to turn clothes into fuel and a unique seawall design that generates power from the sea it is surrounded by.

UK startup company FRUU has taken ‘going green’ one step further by placing its importance as the core of its business, producing totally sustainable cosmetics. FRUU’s lip balms are made to order, created by hand and delivered within a week of purchase, meaning there is no waste of unwanted stock. Its products are made of ingredients that derive from more than 15 types of organic fruits, most of which are created as a by-product from processed fruit waste that therefore generates extra revenue for fruit farmers.

The lip balms, which come in a variety of scents including more alternative offerings such as avocado, pomegranate and lime, are not tested on animals, and are vegan friendly and PETA certified. FRUU donates a cut of its profits to World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to help with the preservation of nature. The company is also happy to provide products to charity sales for the retail price, buying back any leftover stock following the fundraising. Business owner Terence Chung recently won a first prize in The Formations Company Entrepreneur Award 2017.

The balms cost GBP 2.99 a piece (GBP 4.99 for colour balm) and UK customers are charged just GBP 0.99 for packaging and delivery. In addition to its online store, FRUU products are also sold in health shops around the UK including Sheffield, Nottingham, Worcestershire and Birmingham. How much consideration do you take for the ethics behind your favourite beauty products?




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