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B2B marketing platform provides AI-driven data insights

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Targeted at B2B marketing, operations, sales and analytics professionals, this platform offers up-to-date data and intelligence.

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We have previously written about marketing innovations that provide data insights to improve businesses. For example, this company uses AI and data science to measure TV audiences. Another example is this intelligence system that provides retailers with actionable data. Accurate data insights can help businesses to create successful strategies, operate efficiently, drive revenue growth, and more. Radius, a B2B marketing platform, is using predictive AI to provide businesses with actionable insights and a competitive advantage.

Radius has a constantly improving data set, called The Network of Record. The company currently provides four different products to businesses: Radius Revenue Platform, Radius Advertiser, Radius Prospector, and Radius Connect. The Revenue Platform uses predictive intelligence to drive revenue.The Advertiser is a B2B advertising solution that connects with buyers on over 500 channels. Radius Prospector accelerates sales using data from The Network of Record. Radius Connect can quickly source company and contact data and it allows users to add this information to Salesforce.

Furthermore, using the Radius Omnichannel, B2B marketers can initiate campaigns on a variety of channels. This includes email, field, search and digital. Additionally, campaigns can be initiated on social channels that were previously only available for use with B2C customers, such as Twitter, Google, Facebook, and more.

The solutions provided by Radius improve a business’s marketing, advertising and sales operations. It does so through promoting efficiency, productivity and accuracy using big data. How else can AI data insights enable businesses to execute better strategies?




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