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Baby food workshops

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Following our recent posts about frozen and prepared baby food and an upmarket food retailer for children, comes a class in cooking for babies. Dutch Baby Cooking organizes classes for parents who’d like to learn to whip up nutritious, tasty and varied meals for their infants and toddlers. Classes are taught by a food stylist and editor of cookbooks and food magazines, who is also a mother of two. The baby cooking workshop starts with 90 minutes of information about infant nutrition, the benefits of home cooking baby food and the food phases a baby goes through between the ages of 4—18 months. Then it’s on to the kitchen, for an hour and a half of hands-on instruction. While the two concepts we covered earlier provide options for parents who don’t (always) have time to prepare food for their children, there’s definitely something to be said for the DIY approach. Which means there’s a business opportunity for gastronomically-inclined entrepreneurs who can teach parents to cook for their offspring. And how about combining baby food classes with baby food preparation at meal assembly stores, which have proven to be a huge hit? Spotted by: Catrien Funke



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