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Bag the only one


One unique bag a day. A smart concept, and excellent inspiration for marketeers looking to create a bit of MASSCLUSIVITY buzz.

Just when Springwise thought it had seen every MASSCLUSIVITY angle to the limited edition craze, VIP lounge ropes, pop-up stores and curated collections, here comes less-than-a-year old Austrian One Day One Bag, a company that designs (you guessed it) one unique bag a day. Each bag comes with its creation date, and the signature of the designer, Sabine Fasching. One Day One Bag should provide marketers and designers with plenty of inspiration. Taking the ultimate limited edition strategy from the Vuitton approach to the masses opens up great opportunities for crafty entrepreneurs or big companies looking for PR generating stunts. Works for bags, for clothes, for mobile phones, for sneakers, for furniture and so on. The concept is here, the technology to build and sell it readily available: now it’s up to you to make some money off it!


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