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Ballet fans can enjoy a 360 degree performance from the comfort of their own home

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Dutch National Ballet presents Night Fall, the world’s first ballet choreographed for Virtual Reality.

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In the past few months we’ve covered a number of VR innovations on different themes. From bedtime stories that teach children about financial management to VR simulations helping viewers understand what it feels like to be ‘inside’ news stories. We even wrote about a music venue that caters specifically for virtual reality events. Offering a new addition to VR cultural productions is Night Fall, a performance designed by the Dutch National Ballet.

Produced in partnership with Samhoud Media and Chester Music, and backed by Samsung, Night Fall is the first ballet choreographed especially for VR to ensure that the dancing works in a 360-degree immersive setting. Created in August 2016,

the piece contains original music composed for the film by Robin Rimbaud and performed by violinist Pieter van Loenen. It explores the boundary between dreams and reality, and is inspired by the famous ‘white acts’ from Swan Lake and La Bayadère. Using Google Cardboard or Gear VR headsets, viewers are placed in a virtual dark room alongside a violinist and dancers.

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