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Bank introduces contactless cash withdrawals

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Barclays announces plans to install new ATMs that allow for contactless cash withdrawals using an Android smartphone and the bank’s mobile app.

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Barclays customers now have an even swifter method for accessing their cash. Users of the Barclays mobile banking app simply need to tap either their contactless bank card or their Android smartphone against the machine’s reader. Customers using their card will then input their PIN as usual. Customers using their smartphone won’t need their card at all. With the app open, they choose the cash withdrawal service and can then decide to input their PIN either via the ATM’s keypad or on the phone.

Security experts suggest using the ATM keypad to maintain the best security as malware could be lurking on a phone. The contactless cash withdrawal limit has been set at GB 100, and the service will be trialed across the north of England at 25 branches. The exact locations of the new ATMs have yet to be confirmed. If the trial proves successful, Barclays says that it will expand the capability to all 180 of its branches in the UK.

Technology, and particularly new mobile applications, are making money management and banking much quicker and more efficient. This chat-based app uses emojis to help users find new ways to save, and this social media chatbot automates almost any bill payment through the app. As banking continues to embrace connectivity, what other traditional services could also be provided on the go?



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