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Bank-sponsored bike sharing

Nonprofit & Social Cause

One more bike sharing initiative, this time with a corporate twist. An experiment in alternative transportation, exercise and community connections, Vancity—Canada’s largest credit union—kicked off their Bike Share program on June 27th by “releasing” 45 shiny red bicycles into the community. Recipients, who were also treated to an organic pancake breakfast, were requested to keep the bikes for no longer than three weeks before passing them on to someone else. People who want to take part can post a blog entry at requesting the use of a bike when another participant finishes their turn. If a bike needs repairs, it can be taken to any Vancity branch for a tune-up. On September 7, anyone in possession of one of the bikes is to return it to the Vancity Centre, where hopefully all will be accounted for. The bikes will be donated to PEDAL (Pedal Energy Development Alternatives), a local non-profit that will pass them on to individuals in low-income communities. Great PR for Vancity—giving back to the community and the environment make for positive brand recognition, especially if embedded in a ongoing conversation like Vancity’s Change Everything program. Business owners looking to boost their public persona may want to replicate this one in other cities. Spotted by: Tuija Seipell


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