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Bare-bones camera prints eerie photos instantly without ink

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PrintSnap combines nostalgia, instant gratification and a sense of humor in a unique analog camera.

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21st century developments in photography have tended to impress with pixels and speed, but there is no denying that the physicality of the analog photograph has an attraction and romance all of its own. While digital photography thrives on Instagram and elsewhere, products like Prynt and Instaprint have already tapped into consumers’ desire for tangible photos by transforming their digital images into real copies.

Now Ch00ftech’s PrintSnap camera goes one step further — shunning digital technology, wifi and photo-paper alike — to create a unique product that lies somewhere in between a pinhole camera and a photocopier. PrintSnap is a rechargeable instant camera which replaces expensive photo paper with low cost standard till receipt paper. Inspired by classic Polaroid design, the company says that its inkless photographic images can be created on the thermal paper at a cost of only USD 0.003 per image and can then be printed out in under a minute.

The photos come out something like this:



Much of the appeal of PrintSnap is to be found in its physicality — there’s no internet connection and no Bluetooth capability, forcing users to engage with the real world. If photographers want to edit their image they can do so with scissors and felt tip pens and if they want to permanently delete it, they’ll have to stick it in a shredder. The device is currently in prototype stage and Ch00ftech plan to seek investment through crowdfunding.

You can watch the humorous, explanatory video below:

The continuing success of companies such as Lomography, prove that physical photography still commands an important niche in the market, but the huge expense of these specialized products is a massive drawback — PrintSnap bypasses this by using readily available, impressively cheap material. Are there other physical resources that can help recapture analog photography for consumers who still crave physical products?



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