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At bars, app enables customers to tune into television audio and receive discounts


Audioair allows patrons to tune into television audio channels through their smartphones, while also receiving extra content.

Those who frequent sports bars will know that sometimes they aren’t the best place to catch a game – screens are either muted or if they do have sound, it can be drowned out by talking. Audioair aims to solve this problem by allowing customers to tune into audio channels through their smartphones, while also receiving extra content. Users at locations that have the Audioair facility installed can use the app – available for free on the App Store and Google Play – to scroll through a selection of the channels currently showing at that venue. Once they’ve found the one they want, the audio is streamed to their device and can be played through headphones. The system enables customers to choose which channels they listen to and when. The app also offers users points for checking in to the venue on social networks, which can be redeemed at the bar, as well as chat with others listening to the same channel. Airborne – the startup behind Audioair – has already raised USD 3 million in seed funding and has rolled out the system in nearly 50 locations in the US, with plans to have a presence in around 800 by the end of the year. Previous reports have already pointed out the limitations of such a niche service – especially as Airborne requires clients to install hardware at their venue – although it could be applied in restaurants, casinos and other locations, not just sports bars. The most interesting aspect, however, may be that it is a useful way to get promotions delivered to consumers. Could this system be reconfigured to work at other retail spaces? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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