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Beautiful minimalism in Alps hotel without walls

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A butler will deliver breakfast in hotelier Null Stern’s one-room concept hotel, located almost 6,500 feet above sea level in the Swiss Alps.

We’ve seen customized hotel experiences that range from delivery of premium essentials for luggage-free travel to app-managed capsule rooms. For an experience to really shine, though, it needs an equally fantastic location. With hotelier Null Stern’s latest concept hotel, the location is everything. The one-room hotel with no walls or ceiling provides stunning views of the Swiss Alps in every direction and a butler-delivered breakfast.

Null Stern means zero stars, which in the case of this hotel, is quite the opposite. Located more than 6,400 feet above sea level in Switzerland’s Graubünden mountains, the hotel costs CHF 250 per night. The nearest bathroom is a public facility approximately 10 minutes away. In a world of constant distraction, one of the company’s founders says hotels like this “focus on the intangible.”

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What other experiences could benefit from a minimalist approach?



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