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Beer cans offer drinkers discount codes for their ride home

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Ride-sharing company launches a craft beer with discount codes printed on each can.

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We have already seen various innovative ideas to help people remain safe on nights out, such as a wearable that detects the amount of alcohol in the blood stream, and the app designed to prevent users from drunk overspending. Lyft is an on-demand transportation company which teamed up with the Chicago craft beer company Baderbrau Brewing to create a new scheme which aims to ensure bar-goers return home safely after a night out.

The two companies designed their own brand of beer together, called Five Star Lager. This product is unique as it has a discount code to Lyft written on the side of each can. These codes entitle consumers 40 to 60 per cent off a ride home costing up to 5 USD, helping to discourage drink-driving and help them find a reliable ride home. The code expires after seven days and can only be applied to ‘classic’ Lyft rides. The product is still in its early stages of distribution, launched at a party on the 18 January the beer is now available at ten bars throughout Chicago. Lyft hopes to increase their business by gaining more customers this way, having chosen to partner with a local brewery in order to greater their impact on Chicago residents.

For the moment the product is only available in Chicago, but it will be interesting to see how it might expand in the future. How else could companies collaborate to provide unique services? What other innovative ideas could lead to progress in on-demand transportation?



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