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Belgian startup helps companies manage messy trade compliance post Brexit

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A single platform helps companies manage customs and trade compliance in-house

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Spotted: Belgium-based startup Customs4trade (C4T) is offering trading companies a one-stop-shop for coping with Brexit. The software is designed to help companies keep on top of customs and compliance related to trade. The software, Customs Accounting System (CAS), automates import and export compliance. It also provides clients with real-time updates about changes in customs and trade laws.

CAS differs from other platforms, according to the company, because it lets clients centralise, automate, and manage customs and trade compliance in-house from a single platform. The software is updated immediately to reflect legislative changes. For example, it is already compatible with the UK’s future Customs Declaration Service, according to the company’s white paper. That feature will help companies prepare for Brexit — and other fluid negotiations, like China-US trade talks.

It offers companies “the digital tools that combine expertise, legal content and compliance services”, says founder Pieter Haesaert.

CAS is available as on-demand software, otherwise known as Software as a Service (SaaS). International companies like Honda Motor Europe, Isuzu Motors Europe, Agristo and Reynaers Aluminium are already using the software, and CAS is poised to expand, having recently raised €2 million from investors 42CAP and 10x Group.




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