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Radiation shields for expectant mothers

Telecoms & Mobile

The list of potential threats to the unborn child is longer than most expectant mothers can keep track of, but one that’s more recently emerged in this mobile world is the radiation from cellphones and other gadgets. Aiming to keep unborn children safe while giving pregnant women some peace of mind, New York-based RadiaShield offers protection in several forms. RadiaShield’s Belly Armor line offers three ways to protect children still in the womb from today’s ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation. The machine-washable Belly Blanket, for instance, combines baby-soft cotton with the protection of RadiaShield fabric to shield babies from 99.9 percent of incoming radiation, RadiaShield says. Measuring just the right size for protection from a laptop computer, the Belly Blanket is priced at USD 69. The USD 59 Belly Tee, meanwhile, features a lightweight and breathable cotton/spandex blend along with a mid-section lined with RadiaShield fabric for all-day protection from radiation. Then there’s the Belly Band, also priced at USD 59, which fully covers the belly when worn under or over clothes. The efficacy of all three can be tested by wrapping a cellphone in one, RadiaShield says; after 30 seconds or so, the signal should diminish or disappear. A portion of all Belly Armor proceeds goes toward programs that promote women’s prenatal health. Belly Armor products are sold online and in select stores around the world. (Related: Five business ideas focused on babies & new parentsThe wisdom of the crowds, tailored to expecting parentsFunctional food brand for pregnant women.) Spotted by: Murray Orange



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