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New deal of the day service focuses on nightlife offers


There are no shortage of deal-a-day providers, offering a huge range of products and services to increasing localized markets. However, the broad scope of these services often results in an overwhelming and unhelpful selection of offers. New service Bevvy aims to offer a more targeted approach. The idea behind Bevvy is a simple one. Subscribers benefit from daily deals at local nightlife venues without any inbox-overloading offers on anything else. Partners also benefit because Bevvy develops long-term relationships with venues, meaning they don’t just gain from one or two weeks of frantic activity, but can build their business in the longer term. Bevvy is now available in eight cities across the US, and with plans in place to create a mobile app which will allow nightclubs to sell tables in real time — the average Hollywood club has 30-40% surplus VIP tables a night — Bevvy has already begun to expand its offerings. Something to apply to nightlife in cities around the world! (Related: Site aggregates offers from ‘deal a day’ providers.)



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