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Bicycles designed for less mobile riders

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Elev8 Bikes has developed a new bike design using a gas spring mechanism which is tailored to the needs of less mobile cyclists.

We have already seen bicycles modified to cater for riders who may have trouble using standard models, with US-based Super Sized Cycles enabling those with a weight of up to 550 pounds to keep fit on two wheels. Now Elev8 Bikes has developed a new design which enables less mobile cyclists to adjust their seat while riding using a gas spring mechanism. Elev8 Bikes give users the ability to lower or raise their seat or top-tube while riding — making for a more comfortable ride and ensuring that the rider’s feet can reach the ground when stopping. Riders can also make adjustments to find the optimal reach to the pedals to avoid straining their knees. The adjustments are made from a lever on the handlebar, enabling cyclists to change the settings as they please while in motion. The design of the bike means that riders are always able to sit in an upright manner, which the company says reduces weight placed on the wrists and straightens the spine. Elev8 seeks to provide a bicycle which is easy to use by all riders, including those who may be less mobile, such as elderly or disabled people. The video below shows the bike in action: Set to be delivered in May, Elev8 Bikes’ 24-inch and 26-inch wheel models will go on sale for USD 998.88 each. There have been other bikes designed for the elderly and disabled of course, but they usually require the rider to recline back into a chair, attracting attention to differences from standard models. Elev8 Bikes’ innovative design means the vehicles are more discreet. One to partner with? Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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