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Bicycle thieves are not welcome at this online marketplace


Perfecto is a dedicated bike marketplace that verifies every buyer, seller and product, so that users can be sure bikes aren't stolen.

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As the number of people cycling worldwide continues to grow, unfortunately so does the number of bicycle thefts, which now exceeds 1.5 million every year. There is a thriving second-hand bike market, but customers using marketplaces such as Craiglist have no way of knowing if the bicycle they are purchasing is stolen. Now, Perfecto is offering a solution: the dedicated bike marketplace verifies every buyer, seller and product, so that users can be sure they are not contributing to the problem.


Sellers first create an account and connect it to Strava — a mobile tracking app for running and cycling. Then they make a listing for their bike, which includes its Strava history, enabling buyers to view the seller’s riding information. Next, sellers must add their bike’s serial number, which Perfecto can use to verify its authenticity, by checking it against databases of stolen bikes. Users can discuss a potential sale through the platform and also give ratings once the sale is complete. Sales are finalized through Perfecto’s payment provider and the company take a 6 percent charge of every sale — significantly less than Ebay.

Perfecto is currently available throughout the US. Could other online marketplaces include similar safeguards against stolen items?



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