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Bicycle and sewing machine produce caps with a story

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Product life stories are a familiar concept by now to regular readers of these pages, but recently we came across an example that’s a little bit off the beaten path. Created through a collaboration between Spanish fabric brand peSeta and the New Museum of New York, The Bicycle Cap is a hat sewn by a device that’s part bicycle and part sewing machine. Launched last month, The Bicycle Cap is the culmination of an effort by Leo Burnett Iberia to connect a sewing machine to a bicycle so that pedaling the bike causes the sewing machine to run. Bicycle caps were the item chosen for production, and the New Museum signed on as sole distributor of the limited edition series, which is now available in its online shop. Available in six patterns and crafted from fabric produced at a Spanish mill, the caps are priced at USD 45. Each style is produced in a limited edition of 50 and packaged in a wooden cheese box. A deluxe version, meanwhile, is available for USD 90 and comes packaged with a DVD illustrating the production process. A video on Vimeo explains The Bicycle Cap’s story. Whether it’s the origins of the silver used in a piece of jewelry or the grannies who knit a particular scarf, there’s no end in sight to consumers’ interest in the stories behind their products. Throw in an innovative production process, a little planned scarcity, and a DVD explaining the whole story, and you just may have a winner. One for inspiration! (Related: New clothes brand will share product life stories via QR codeOnline marketplace showcases African artists and their stories.) Spotted by: Katharina Kieck



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