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Big data improves customer service in real-time

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Cogito uses big data to build speech-reading algorithms, which provide customer service representatives with real-time feedback on how to improve their technique.

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Call centre staff are one of the most important client-facing teams for big companies, but the repetitive work can be tedious and cause employees to give formulaic replies, making customers feel like their needs have not been catered to. Now call centre staff could be digitally assisted when engaging with customers. Cogito’s algorithms analyze natural speech, and uses big data to determine how successfully a customer service representative is engaging with a client during a phone conversation.

In real-time, the software will provide feedback on how to improve the current conversation. Tips include modulating speech speed, mirroring the customer’s style of speech and ways to respond to the customer’s emotional state. Supervisors can also analyze calls in real-time, stepping in when necessary, and the platform stores calls and data to serve as a training tool for improved customer service.

Could real-time speech analysis be used to help speakers in other contexts, such as in meetings or presentations?



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