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Bike light deters dangerous activity behind cyclists

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Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Fly6 is a rear bike light with an embedded HD camera that warns drivers that they're being filmed.

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Cyclists often have to deal with poorly planned cycle lanes, dangerous traffic hotspots and even angry motorists, and many have taken to filming their journeys as a way to provide footage in the event of an incident. While products such as the Helmet of Justice have already combined cameras with existing bike equipment, the Fly6 is a rear light with an embedded HD camera that aims to discourage bad behavior on the part of motorists by warning them that they’re being filmed.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the device operates in the same way as a typical tail light, using highly visible flashing LEDs. However, a camera capable of filming in 720p is located in a prominent position on the light, circled by more LEDs that draw motorists’ attention to it and let them know they’re being filmed. The aim is to provide a disincentive for motorists to engage in risky driving or attempting to annoy cyclists in much the same way speed cameras act as a deterrent to dangerous speeds. The Fly6 can be charged via USB and offers 5 hours runtime. Video is stored on an 8GB microSD card located inside, and filming can be set to loop so that riders can simply leave it to continuously record. The video below offers a more in-depth explanation of the device:

Although the Fly6 has already reached its funding target, backers can still get their hands on the light for AUD 129 until 10 March. Are there other ways to give cyclists more advanced tech by combining it with existing bike accessories?




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