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Revolutionary bike lock system protects its parts from theft

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Germany's Sphyke C3N system offers a way to lock the individual components of a bike for extra security.

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Getting a bike stolen is always a dispiriting affair, but what can be most frustrating is to return to a locked bike to find that the saddle, back wheel or expensive derailleur has been pinched. Germany’s Sphyke C3N system offers a way to lock the individual components of a bike for extra security.

With the rise of prosumers — consumers who take their hobbies seriously enough to require professional-grade equipment — cycling can turn into an expensive pursuit, with custom modifications and a slew of accessories on offer. However, these parts can be just as valuable to thieves as the entire bike and are easier to disconnect and steal. The C3N kit consists of a range of connector replacements which come with combination locks attached. For example, users can swap their quick-release wheel nut for the C3N replacement, which can only be unscrewed when the correct code is lined up. The full kit enables riders to secure their saddle, saddle pole, handlebars and front and back wheels in the same way.

While the Helmmate has offered a way to lock cyclists’ helmets to their bikes, the Sphyke C3N system goes further to protect the more expensive components of the devices. As more and more commuters turn to cycling as a mode of transport, are there other security features that could be added to bikes to enable those with expensive machines to feel safe locking them up outside?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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