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Urban bicycle basket designed for men

Mobility & Transport

Last month we saw the launch of a shopping mall designed for men in Prague, and next to champion male-specific innovations are Danish designers MAIK who have created the Bike Crate, billed as the bicycle basket for men. MAIK do not wish to be labelled a company or a brand, but instead “a catalyst for improvement”, aiming to identify common troubles, big or small, and to find creative solutions improve people’s lives. According to MAIK co-founder Andreas Sachse, “The bike crate is the first product giving men what women always had — a practical and stylish solution to the common transportation problems faced by the urban bicyclist.” They believe that, until now, bike bags and racks for male cyclists have not succeeded in ticking both aesthetic and functional boxes. Made from 100% recyclable materials, stainless steel and light-weight aluminum, the bike crate is spacious, sturdy, weatherproof, and designed to withstand everyday scrapes. It’s available in black, yellow and red and costs EUR 150 including VAT. The price also includes mounting, which can be done in-store, and for those not in the Copenhagen area crates can be shipped and materials for mounting are included. Along with the ongoing stream of products aimed specifically at women, it’s interesting to see the humble bicycle basket get a masculine makeover. What other everyday items can be reinvented for the modern man? Spotted by: Simon Lyngsø



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