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Feles One kit | Photo source Feles Inc

Bio-lab box brings gene editing technology to your door


Feles One is a user-friendly lab kit that allows people to do paternity tests, gene editing and bio-hacks from home

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Spotted: US-based Feles Inc wants you to learn how to biohack. Its Feles One kit is a lab in a box that allows you to do everything from make cheese to DIY paternity tests.

Feles cofounders say they were inspired to create the box to make biofabrication and gene editing more accessible. Co-founder Yixiao Jiang was interested in biology but found the learning curve for the equipment was “unnecessarily high”. “A lot of curious people like me don’t really have enough resources to learn by themselves,” she says.

Feles One aims to solve that. The kit includes six “lab tools” and instructions. It allows users to explore biofabrication (homebrew and molecular gastronomy) and basic gene editing. Experiments can include testing for lactose intolerance or for GMOs in food.

The kit is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, where it has already met its initial goal.



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