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B2B social network connects small businesses online

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We’ve seen plenty of social networks appearing over the last few years, from sites helping commuters meet others on the go, sites for sharing fitness activity, and even sites for dogs to connect. Now there’s Bitsy, a new B2B online network that offers an online marketplace and social features. Bitsy serves as a way for small businesses to communicate and link up, as well as claiming to offer relief from the loneliness that can come from working alone. The site features a blog with advice, hints and tips, and it also hosts a directory where businesses can buy or list services. Claiming to be “the friendliest business to business marketplace on the web”, the site also incorporates many of more traditional features associated with social networking, such as the ability to add friends, update statuses, and create and join groups — with the most interactive businesses being featured on the homepage. It’s free to become a member, and for GDP 1.60 a month members can become sellers, enabling them to list their service in the Bitsy directory for a further GDP 5 a month. Small businesses have a lot to gain from the experiences and expertise of one another. Bitsy has tapped into this, offering startups the chance to find the help they need; with the added transparency offered by networking features. Time to remind yourself that you’re not alone!



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