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Personalised billboards

Blockchain technology uses AI profiling to personalise billboard ads

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AI profiling brings targeted advertising into the physical marketing sector.

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Springwise have already featured creative innovations that seek to disrupt the advertising industry. These range from adverts integrated into car windows to attention-grabbing stunts spread across entire cities. Technology is still opening up more ways to capture consumer attention. For example, now this UK startup is using advanced technology to create targeted billboard advertising.

Bidooh is introducing reactive profiling billboards to their existing advertising networks. The platform uses AI profiling combined with blockchain technology to match the adverts to the attributes of the passersby. The digital display will therefore change its appearance to best suit the profile of the passerby. Sex and age are both characteristics that could affect what adverts members of the public see. The data collected is thereafter processed via blockchain.

Such reactive advertising allows companies to better target their desired audiences. Not only can clients design their ideal campaign, they can also receive weekly market research reports. The technology can identify how many people saw the advert, as well as certain defining characteristics, to inform brands about future campaigns.

With any sort of profiling comes the need for tight security. AI and data sharing are under strict regulation in most countries currently. Bidooh therefore uses blockchain technology to enable transparency and safety for their customers.

After successful trials in Manchester’s Arndale Centre, the platform is already in use in locations across the UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is also a planned expansion of 3000 screens in the Czech Republic and Romania.



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