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Vending machine dispenses free samples


Whether distributed through dedicated stores or affixed to city billboards, free samples tend to be popular with consumers. A new variation on the theme? A vending machine designed specifically to give the goods away. Created by Belgian marketing and design agency Fosfor, the Boobox is a prototype for a stand-alone machine that distributes product samples. Consumers interested in getting one simply send a free SMS, in exchange for which they are given an activation code. That, in turn, gives them access to the sample. Unlike most vending machines, the Boobox is completely adjustable to samples with different sizes, weights and forms; it also includes an onboard refrigeration system for items such as dairy products and cooled beverages. The height of the machine’s display and keyboard can even be adjusted for use alongside an accompanying poster advertisement, Fosfor says. The agency is currently refining the concept, with placement in Belgian train stations hopefully to follow later this year. Much like Kraft’s use of samples inside heated Chicago bus stops, Fosfor’s machine offers a way to reach consumers with a dose of tryvertising as they go about their lives. There’s also the potential to throw in a pinch of sympvertising, of course, if the product is something that helps them get through the daily grind. Either way, you can bet the samples will capture a whole lot more attention—and goodwill—than a traditional ad. Where free love is involved, it’s all good! 😉 Spotted by: Gitte Meeussen



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