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App lets travelers find places to crash at the last minute

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Overnight is an Airbnb-style booking app that searches for local hosts willing to put up travelers at the last minute.

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Booking to stay the night while traveling can be difficult and expensive, especially when plans fall through and users need to crash somewhere at the last minute. That’s why Overnight is offering a way to look for places to stay, by enabling users to search only for local hosts who have a room or bed to spare for the night.

The startup lets travelers book same day stays with local hosts. Hosts privately verify travelers, allowing them to keep their calendars open and offer places to stay at the last minute. Like Airbnb, hosts and guests on Overnight must confirm their identity through Facebook and a mobile number. Users first sign up to the app and drop a pin on a map of the area they want to stay. Their request is sent out with their profile attached, and hosts can verify their guests and accept or deny their booking. The app keeps the listings in the area private until hosts confirm that they are happy for the guests to stay. Requests are browsed through a Tinder-like interface.

Users can book and pay in the app, resulting in a streamlined process. The company has launched its Beta in the Los Angeles area, and is now launching the service in Texas. What other travel services can be facilitated through on-demand apps?



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