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This book's pages can be used to create the perfect barbecue

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The Barbecue Bible includes pages that double as tools to help beginners host a successful grill.

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Learning is often amplified through doing, rather than just reading, so perhaps educational books shouldn’t be limited to the printed word either. Regular readers of Springwise may remember we recently wrote about The Drinkable Book, which teaches about the danger of unsafe water while also doubling as a longlasting filter to make any water drinkable. Now using a similar technique, The Barbecue Bible includes pages that provide everything needed for beginners to host a successful grill.

Designed by creative agency JWT Brasil, the book was created for kitchen supply brand Tramontina to demonstrate that it sells all of the tools required for a barbecue. The book is split into chapters that guide readers through the process of preparing, cooking and serving the food. Chapter I includes a sheet of coal that can be smashed up and used as fuel, as well as a page of tinderpaper to get the fire going. Once lit, a concertina page can be ripped out and used as a fan to provide the flames with oxygen. Chapter II reveals an apron, a page of foil to wrap up meats and vegetables, a page that provides a knife-sharpening surface, and a sheet of salt that can be scrunched to season meats. The cover also doubles as a chopping board. Finally, Chapter III offers a placemat, a serving tray and a dish towel for clearing up once the barbecue’s over.

Watch the video below to see the book in action:

Due to the nature of the book, it’s not one that will be sticking around on chefs’ shelves for too long, but it provides a more hands-on learning experience for those who need some help setting up a barbecue. Although designed as a marketing piece for Tramontina, the company is planning to sell a simplified version of The Barbecue Book in Brazilian bookstores. Are there other ways books can be made more engaging by promoting learning through doing?



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