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A combination of books and cookies to keep kids sweet


After recently writing about La Pizzateca’s combination of books and pizza in their Madrid store, we’ve been looking forward to more innovations from vendors of literature. It was a pleasant surprise then to discover Books and Cookies, an educative environment providing children with literature and tasty treats. Set up by writer, teacher, TV host and entrepreneur Chudney Ross, the Los Angeles store is designed to “bring the fun and excitement back into reading while promoting literacy to children of all ages”, according to Ross’ profile. The store stocks children’s books — available to purchase or read in the child-friendly reading room area — toys, and freshly baked cookies and snacks. There is also an interactive area featuring iPads loaded with educational apps and games. Alternatively, those who can’t visit the physical store can browse the online store, which sells baskets loaded with gifts for boys, girls, and aspiring cookie chefs. Staffed by a team of sales people, chefs and enrichment teachers, the store also hosts a daily schedule of classes and activities, with sessions in music, arts and crafts, story time, and baby sign language. The space can also be hired for parties, where games, entertainment and activities will be provided. As Books and Cookies admits, for many children reading may not seem appealing compared to television and video games. But as we’ve seen with other educational initiatives such as the Ministry of Stories, a fun environment and the introduction of treats and add-ons kids already love can work wonders. Those working with children everywhere, take note, and think about how you can enliven your subject with a fun extra kids are sure to love. (Related: From New Zealand, interactive & educational ebooks for kids‘Monster supplies’ store hides creative writing workshopBooks & pizza served up side by side in new Madrid store.) Spotted by: Stephanie Tsai



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