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Not quite what the name suggests, a Brajacket is an advertisement disguised as a dust jacket for a book. According to Trends in Japan, Brajackets are one of the hottest new trends in Japan. Created by an advertising agency (Setup Inc), Brajackets offer consumers a free cover to keep their book nice and neat, and advertisers a space to advertise that goes everywhere readers do. Made from high-quality, coated paper that makes designs and colours pop, Brajackets come with a built-in bookmark. They’re available from stands in bookstores. Free, and no purchase necessary. New designs come out a few times a month, and the most popular ones are gone in a matter of days. Brands that are already using bookvertising include Perrier and Haagen-Dazs, Adidas, Canada Dry, Universal Studios, Levi’s and famous Japanese rock band Mr. Children and a host of movies and musicals. A simple idea that gives consumers something useful while creating a playful new space for advertising, this one could be copied to any city that has lots of people reading on subways and trains. For other innovative (if slightly frilly) forms of advertising, check out coolertising, breadvertising, bikevertising and carvertising.



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