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The BoringPhone cannot connect to the web, social media or email | Photo source BoringPhone

BoringPhone helps users disconnect


A new phone is unable to connect to the internet or download apps — helping users detox from digital overload

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Spotted: The BoringPhone could help phone addicts kick the habit. It is a phone that cannot connect to the web, social media or email. 

Users of the BoringPhone will get the preinstalled apps, which include a phone dialler, messaging app, camera, mapping app, music player and other practical apps, but there is no app store and no games. The idea is that users will not be constantly interrupted and distracted with notifications, games and the latest trending meme. 

The makers of BoringPhone are trying to raise $13,400 (€11,873) on Kickstarter, and if they are fully funded, they plan to begin delivering the phones around December 2019. The phones start at around $235 (€208), with children being a key target market. But it remains to be seen whether there will be a sufficient market for the BoringPhone. 



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